Tuesday, October 20, 2015

always stay gold

Stay gold.”  I think that this means that .Ponyboy should always litsen to darry and never turn to be like dally. Another reason i think of what it means is that to dont stop being how you are . And to never  loose patience . another reason is  Stay the way you are never change you are what you are so never change  .     


Monday, September 28, 2015

In real life

               In real life
Joey goes to see the veranicas. he got a girlfriend and then he all the problems starded. Most of the time people would make fun of him because he has a learning disability. Then they would call him gay because he would  hang out with his sister and her friends. To get over his depression he stared to make YouTube videos with his friend britney. Then he would walk at school people would tell him that he was very good at his videos in slowmo. Then he got his first fans and his first subscribers .